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Ed’s Parents, Elzbieta and Antoni, are immigrants from Poland. They moved to Texas after they got married. His mom is very artistic and good with her hands. She has a skill set of home economics and sewing as well. The first time she saw a cake with gumpaste flowers was in the early 2000’s, this is where she fell in love them. Being an artist and crafty person, she begged for a job at a bakery where she could learn how to make gumpaste flowers. She learned mostly on her own, and ended up travelling all over the world teaching others her craft and love of gumpaste flowers.

Ed’s father worked for Miller Brewing Company and decided they couldn’t afford her “hobby” anymore. The classes that she was teaching were not paying her enough to support her hobby. So she decided to open up a bakery where they started to make cakes professionally. This is where Ed got introduced to the world of cakes. Ed is a lot like his mother, very artistic and smart. He is able to recreate anything that he looks at!

Back to the cake business… they got burned out in the bakery arena (as many of us do in the baking world) and decided to open up a bakery supply store. They sold gumpaste flower tools and anything you could really think of… cutters, stencils...

As a gumpaste artist, Elzbieta’s love for the colour aspect was really strong. She began making her own petal dust colours, which is now known as The Sugar Art “Elite Dusts”. The industry fell in love with their colours as well because of their vibrancy. They have always been FDA approved, whereas a lot of dusts out there were not (and still are not, despite what they claim). This is when they began to put a strong focus on colour and become experts! At this time, Elzbieta decided to retire and turnover the business to her 3 sons- Edward, Tony and Andrew. They are all partners in the business, but Tony and Andrew remain behind the scenes. Whereas we see a lot more of Ed on social media.

Holly, Ed’s wife, joined the team to help them with social media and to build a following. She was able to do so once she retired from her personal career as a medical social worker. She truly does an amazing job showcasing their products, while uplifting her followers with her wit and sense of humor!

Elzbieta and Antoni built this American dream for their family, founded a solid business and in turn, was able to pass that on to their children. What an amazing story !

Here is a photo of Ed and Holly from their Instagram page :)


The Sugar Art Products and why we choose to carry them…


While watching Instagram stories, I saw Lisa from Borderlands Bakery using The Sugar Art’s products in one of her demos (

I was instantly intrigued! I immediately researched them on line and fell in love with the vibrant colours and variety of products available. What really impressed me was that these products were 100% edible and FDA approved! As a cookie artist and shop owner, it is really important to me to provide items that are safe for customers to consume and to purchase.

The Sugar Art carries a whole bunch of products: Cosmic Dust, Sterling Flakes, Elite Colours just to name a few. We decided to carry a variety of Sterling Pearl, DiamonDust and Highlighters (keep reading to learn more about highlighter dusts).


What is the difference between non toxic and edible products?



Means anything that people can safely eat. In order for a product to be deemed edible, it must have 3 things: a lot number, expiration date and ingredient list.

Non Toxic:

DISCLAIMER: I found these definitions from online dictionaries ….Non toxic means that it is not poisonous. It is not considered edible and has no nutritional value. It can break down without any negative consequences.


I get asked all time “Is highighter safe to apply on cookies” and “Is it edible?” I will break it down here.

There are some companies out there that claim that their highlighter is edible… which unfortunately is not the case. In fact, I have reached out to a specific company about the edibility of their highlighter, and they never responded to my emails or messages... Ed and Holly do a great job educating everyone on this subject. They have been producing highlighter for over 20 years and are highly knowledgable in this area.  

When I first started using gold highlighters, the company claimed it was edible and I didn’t think twice.  But now that I sell the  product, I figured I better do more research.  And be straight forward about what I am offering to my customers.

I personally love the look of gold highlighter.  It is shiney and metallic looking.  If you are going to use it for yourself, at least you have the knowledge behind it.  If you are going to use it for your custom cookie orders, be sure to let your customers know what they are consuming and give them altenative options for gold products… such as The Sugar Art Steling Pearls - more info on this below!

HIGHLIGHTERS: are dusts that produce a shiny metallic finish.  They contain metal.  To use it, you mix the dust with a high content alcohol such as Everclear or Spirytus.  The alcohol turns the powder to a liquid, and in turn you can paint it on the cookie.  There is no aftertaste and the alcohol quickly evaporates.  This product is intended for ornamental areas or keepsake items that will be removed before eating.  Many use it on small sections of the cookie and are comfortable in doing so.

STERLING PEARLS: are a great alternative to highlighter dusts.  They leave a gorgeous finish BUT do not produce the metallic sheen as the highlighters do.  They come in a range of stunning colours which are highly pigmented.  What's great about these is that they are 100% edible, FDA aprroved and Kosher Certified!

The Sugar Art Sterling Pearl colours can be dry dusted on your sugar art or painted on using alcohol.  The end results are simply STUNNING!  The following pics show you how they look when painted on royal icing using Everclear alcohol.  We carry all of these colours here in the shop:

We also carry DiamonDust... The first 100% Edible and Kosher Glitter for Food.  Better than Lustre, Disco, Twinkle. Flash Dust.  Safe for food, Glitter makes it sparkle and shine.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the history behind The Sugar Art! I know I loved hearing about the evolution of how they came about.

I also hope this blog post have offered some insight on some common questions surrounding edible and non toxic products!


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  • I just started making royal icing cookies and this blog post was incredibly helpful and I feel more knowledgeable! Thank you!

    Heather C.
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  • Love these comparison photos and explanations!

  • Thank you for showing samples of the colors. I’ve been looking for a good edible alternative to gold highlighter.

    Gabriela Bareng
  • I’m so sorry you list all your hard work however it looks like you did a dandy job with this blog post too.
    I love that you are celebrating The Sugar Art and all they are and have become. Hard work is paying off for them and I live their story!! Congrats on all your success to Mary. Again, hard work pays off. I love that you explained the different between non toxic and edible. Also showing with pictures the final look of Everclear etc. Sometimes pictures make a huge difference. These did.
    Thank you!

    Janice Holmes

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