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We want to be transparent with our customers at all times, and this is where we will post any updates or information that is important to you.

We have decided to discontinue products from Rainbow Dust.  To date, we were able to order directly from Rainbow Dust in the UK.  However, we were notified last week that going forward, we would have to order directly from an exclusive distributor in the USA.

As of now, we offer all 21 colours of the edible food pens that we all love.  And the entire selection of metallic food paints.  The new distributor only has a fraction of them and the colours are different as well.  I suspect this is because the USA has different FDA rules from Canada.

When ordering from the USA, we are subject to hefty customs and import fees, which would drive the price up of each product significantly.  I would not feel right tripling the prices of these products in order to accomodate the new fees associated with ordering from a different supplier.

I can confidently say that we carry other amazing brands of markers, and are getting new ones in at this time.

Thanks and please use the contact form here on my website for any questions or concerns.

Mary xo