FONDUST® Colours!


FONDUST® is a fantastic colouring product
for pastry chefs! It is the only water-soluble
colour that can be used directly in food.

Easy to use, FONDUST® is a microencapsulated food colouring especially designed for colouring food with very low water content. It can be used to colour fondant, sugar work (before or after baking), almond paste, royal icing, buttercream, cake mix, macaroons, decorating gel, candy, etc. Practically everything . . . except pure chocolate. The collection is made up of 36 colours. With FONDUST®, you can achieve very dark colours, like black, red, blue and brown, as well as very bright colours, such as orange, green, pink and violet.


  • Highly concentrated colour
  • Immediate colouring (please read more on this below)
  • Does not change food consistency
  • UV-resistant colours
  • 100% Edible
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Nut Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

We currently carry 30 of the 36 GORGEOUS and VIBRANT colours!

How to use Fondust: It is suggested to start with a very small amount of FONDUST with your mixture.  When mixing 2 cups of royal icing, start with 1/4 tsp of the FONDUST or less!  Although it is considered an immediate , the colour continues to develop over a short period of time!  When using black, I would suggest to get it to a dark grey only ..  Within a few hours, it should be the black you envision.  And remember that it will always dry darker as well.  So take all of this into consideration when preparing your icing .  It may be some trial and error in the beginning, but you will LOVE this product!  


Another tip, do not add the Super White Fondust to your white icing PRIOR to adding the other pigments.  For example, do not add the Super White Pigment and Super Red Pigment to your royal icing, or you will end up with a coral or pink and waste an entire bottle!! 

Add the White pigment white icing only.  This will brighten your white icing AND help prevent bleed.

As a customer, I know it can be difficult to purchase items just base on a photo. So I have taken the time (alot of time! LOL), to show you exactly how versatile these colours are!

Below, I have used every single colour that we carry in our shop, and given you a beautiful visual to help make your decision to purchase easier.

What you see on these (edible cookie) palettes, are the results of using just a small amount of powder, all the way up to full intensity. The more powder you add, the deeper the colour.

I always suggest to mix it a couple of shades lighter than the actual colour you want to achieve.  Although it is considered instant colour, it does deepen and develop over a few hours.  If you oversaturate the colour, you may be at risk for an aftertaste, and nobody wants that!

I've grouped them within similar colour famililes to give you a more precise visual for comparison.


Hope these photos help! Leave comments below :)


Mary xo




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