FONDUST® , Hybrid Lustre Dust, Hybrid Sparkle Dust, and Highlighters


So what is the difference between these AMAZING products that I carry in the shop?

Let me break it down.  I will take most of the technical info straight from the Roxy and Rich website.  And include some of my own thoughts and experiences about these products.

Before I get started, here is a little bit of info about Roxy & Rich..  This is an excerpt from their website: 

Roxy & Rich

The story behind our Food Colours

We originally founded Roxy & Rich in 2011 under the name Chocolats Roxy & Rich Inc. We shared a passion for chocolate . . , bite-size pleasures, according to Roxane! The first year was devoted to research and development for creating chocolate. For financial support, we decided to market the cocoa butter used in our work. In 2012 we launched our collection of cocoa butter through a local distributor—thus securing our very first sale of food products! Over the years we have added several new collections to our list of food . In 2016, with our entire operations focused on food , we changed the name of the company to Roxy & Rich Inc.

Now lets focus on the products!

How to use Fondust: It is suggested to start with a very small amount of FONDUST with your mixture.  When mixing 2 cups of royal icing, start with 1/4 tsp of the FONDUST or less!  Although it is considered an immediate , the colour continues to develop over a short period of time!  When using black, I would suggest to get it to a dark grey only ..  Within a few hours, it should be the black you envision.  And remember that it will always dry darker as well.  So take all of this into consideration when preparing your icing .  It may be some trial and error in the beginning, but you will LOVE this product!  


Another tip, do not add the Super White Fondust to your white icing PRIOR to adding the other pigments.  For example, do not add the Super White Pigment and Super Red Pigment to your royal icing, or you will end up with a coral or pink and waste an entire bottle!! 

Add the White pigment white icing only.  This will brighten your white icing AND help prevent bleed.

Check out this photo... I used the 3 that are totally prone to bleed together and they didn't 

The advantages of FONDUST® are:

  • Highly concentrated
  • Immediate
  • Does not change food consistency
  • UV-resistant
  • Edible 

I have personally used them all and LOVE them!  The are deep and vibrant.  Here are some samples mixed : 




This water-soluble powder gives
finish to your creations and
100% edible!

The Hybrid Dust collection offers 64 , 8 of which feature a pearl finish. is achieved by adding a thin layer of food to mica particles. This allows for an exceptional brilliance that outshines all other such products on the market. Hybrid Dust can be used dry or with water, alcohol or lemon extract. The same are also available in the Hybrid Sparkle Dust Collection for a greater level of shine.


  • finish
  • Water soluble
  • Edible 

At Emma's Sweets, we currently carry 8 of the most popular . I have used numerous dusts over the past 8 years of cookie decorating, and I can honestly say these are incomparable to most.  They apply smooth and shiny. They can easily be dry dusted on your royal icing surface. 

See the next photo of Santa where I used a paint brush to dry nose and cheeks using Princess Pink Hybrid Dust. And the palette below shows them all painted royal icing using an alcohol medium.  I used Everclear alcohol.



This fine, shiny, water-soluble powder is ideal for creating a stylish Disco Dust metallic finish on your creations, and it is 100% edible!

The Hybrid Sparkle Dust collection offers a selection of 65 , 9 of which feature a pearl finish, all free of iron oxide (E172). is achieved by adding a thin layer of food to mica particles. This allows for exceptional brilliance that outshines all other such products on the market. Hybrid Sparkle Dust can be used dry or with water, alcohol or lemon extract. The same are also available in the Hybrid Dust collection.


  • Vibrant metallic finish
  • Water soluble
  • Edible

We currently carry 8 , and will continue to add more with . I personally prefer to empty the sparkle dust from the jar into an empty pump bottle, then apply it that way.  I find that this dust sprays out like a fine mist and does not clump in sections. 

I have only ever used it dry, but will experiment with different applications and then update this blog.

Tip: do not apply the sparkle dust directly your freshly iced royal icing.  it to set for about 10 minutes and then spray it on.  There will be just enough moisture and tackiness for the sparkle dust to adhere.  It is to capture its beauty and sparkle in .. here are a couple.



This insoluble dust renders an astonishing
finish on your creations
is 100% edible.

It consists of a mica base coated with iron oxide. The coating is insoluble, thus setting it apart from the water-soluble Hybrid Dust and Hybrid Sparkle Dust collections. The collection is made up of only a few .


  • Strong metallic finish
  • Edible *
  • Insoluble in water
  • High opacity

* Edible in Canada and Europe only; in the United States, this product must be used for decorative purposes only.


SO highlighters are a touchy subject! I used to carry the really shiny metallic gold looking highlighters and I used them on all of my cookies.  The company I used years ago  they were I trusted that.  But as knowledge surfaced in the , it was found that those highlighters are for decorative use only.  The ones from Roxy and Rich are edible in Canada and Europe, so I am comfortable carrying them in my shop. they have a nice sheen, they do not look like that shiny metal you see with other highlighters (the ones for decorative use only).

In the end, use what you are with.  Do not use a product on food  if you would not ingest it yourself. 

Here are the 4 highlighters that we carry in the shop:



I hope this blog clarifies most questions.. there can be so much confusion with all of the dusts that are on the market.  I can only speak of the ones carried in my shop.  Most info in this post has come straight from the manufacturer.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I know that you will love these products as much as we do!

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