Lustre Dust and Highlighter Dusts

Lustre Dust

I took the product description straight from the Roxy & Rich website:

This water-soluble powder gives
a lustre finish to your creations and
is 100% edible!*

Colour is achieved by adding a thin layer of food colouring to mica particles. This allows for an exceptional brilliance that outshines all other such products on the market. Hybrid Lustre Dust can be used dry or with water, alcohol or lemon extract. The same colours are also available in the Hybrid Sparkle Dust Collection for a greater level of shine.


  • Lustre finish
  • Water soluble

* As food safety standards vary from one country to the next, * Blue-Violet, Princess Pink, and Amethyst Pink,  contain R3 (E127). They do not meet European food safety standards and must be used for decorative purposes only) .  Some more great features of the lustre dust are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • No peanuts and nuts 
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher

Although the entire Lustre dust collections comes in 64 colours, we do not carry the full line.  With the colours we do carry, I took on the task of creating colour swatches of all of them!  I also categorized them in shades to help make choosing the right colours for your projects easier!

I used Everclear alcohol, mixed with dust and painted straight on white royal icing.  The results are vibrant and shiny!  And the coverage is amazing!  You can find a video on my YouTube channel where I demonstrate painting on royal icing using; Everclear, Vodka and Lemon Extract here.

Now lets move to the highlighter dusts: 

Highlighter Dust

this description is also taken from the Roxy & Rich website:

This insoluble dust renders an astonishing
metallic finish on your creations
and is 100% edible*.

It consists of a mica base coated with iron oxide. The coating is insoluble, thus setting it apart from the water-soluble Hybrid Lustre Dust and Hybrid Sparkle Dust collections. The collection is made up of only a few colours.


  • Strong metallic finish
  • Edible **
  • Insoluble in water
  • High opacity

** Edible in Canada and Europe only; in the United States, this product must be used for decorative purposes only.  Meet Health Canada and European Commission food safety standards. Do not meet FDA food safety standards**

Some more great features of the lustre dust are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • No peanuts and nuts 
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher

Below you will find all of the Highlighter Dusts available here on the website.  I have painted them onto white royal icing, using Everclear to mix it.






    • Hi
      I placed an order yesterday.Just wondering about notification?

      Linda Wlodarczyk
    • They all look so lush it’s hard to choose!

      My favourites would have to be:
      1. Dark Gold
      2. Night Blue
      3. Apple Green
      4. Burnt Amethyst
      5. Tomato Red

      1. Red Lustre
      2. Deep Rose Gold

      I own the entire collection of Roxy & Rich’s coloured cocoa butter and their products are so pigmented and a pleasure to work with. Also it’s my birthday today so this would be an amazing birthday present!

      Thank you for your generosity Emma x

    • My favourites (although I probably could have named them all!) would be
      Night blue
      Sky blue
      Emerald green
      Nu silver and the highlighters in
      Special rose gold

    • These colours are beautiful Mary. Thank you for creating the pallets
      Having to choose my favourites would be
      Luster Dust
      Columbia Blue
      Blue Violet
      Apple Green
      Night blue

      Bronze and Cooper

    • They are all so nice. Was so hard to choose. My favourites are…

      Lustre Dusts:
      - columbia blue
      - honeydew
      - nu silver
      - rose gold
      - magnolia

      - gold sparkle
      - red sparkle


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